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Individually crafted content to match your brand voice, build meaningful connections, and drive sales

Who I Am

I’m a storyteller at heart. Yeah, you’ve probably heard that before. Talk to ten writers, and nine of them will say the same thing. Here’s the difference; I know why that matters. Your brand is your story. It’s the way your audience and your customers get to know you and what sets you apart. It’s the way you build relationships that lead to lasting loyalty. Your brand’s story is always being told. It’s woven by every tweet, every email, and every blog post. A good story is how a brand becomes an icon. I can tell your brand’s story.

I’m Nick Congleton. I’ve been a professional writer for more than six years, working with various brands and publications to grow their audience and build meaningful relationships with their customers. In addition to my practical experience, I have a university degree in English and training in inbound marketing.

When it comes to the cannabis industry, your voice and your brand are everything. The space is new and growing so rapidly. Establishing your voice and reaching your ideal customers is more crucial now than ever. I know how to craft content that cultivates your brand’s image and establishes the perception you want within the marketplace.

Nick Congleton - Cannabis Content Writer

What I Do

Blog Writing

I write informative blog content that helps your brand build lasting and meaninful relationships with customers.

Article Writing

Quality articles can help to establish your business as an authority. They’re key to a successful inbound strategy.

Email Writing

Looking to connect more directly? I create emails that actually get read and drive measureable action.

Website Content

Don’t overlook the content on your website (like this right here). Often, it’s the first thing your customers engage with. Make it count!


Nothing screams “unprofessional” quite like typos and grammatical mistakes. I can clean up any content or copy to appear polished and professional.

Social Media Content

Your customers are on social media. I craft social media content that drives likes, shares, and sales.

Recent Projects

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The Importance of Cleaning Up Delta-8 Conversions

Let’s Work Together!

If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, send me an email. We can discuss your goals, direction, and brand vision.

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